When Jesus calls us to follow him, he is asking us to do a 180º and go in a new direction.  Each of Revive's four 180º Workshops is an interactive discussion centered on one aspect of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. Each three-hour workshop is like a mini spiritual retreat filled with discussion and practical steps that will help you on your journey of faith.



It all begins with love. We will discuss what it means to love God with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength and your neighbor as yourself? You will learn how disciples develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.  We will investigate God's plan for the church in general and Revive's mission in particular.  We will model what it means to share your faith journey with others and how to personally invest in the lives of the people around you.  The importance of baptism and communion will also be discussed.




God wants you to grow into the person he created you to be. The Grow Worshop is designed to jump start your spiritual growth. You will practice having a meaningful time with God that includes: Self-examination, Bible reading and prayer and be provided with tips for keeping this daily time from becoming legalistic or routine. Learn simple techniques for studying the Bible in transformational ways. Learn godly resource management and how to share your personal faith story.



Did you know that when God created you, he created you with a unique set of apps intended for his purposes? Being a disciple of Jesus means that you are a minister! In the Serve Workshop, you will complete a gifts assessment to discover your God given apps. We’ll discuss how God can use your apps to minister to the needs of others and invistigate ways that you can bless the world.




Before Jesus went back to the Father, he commanded us to make disciples. Jesus wants us to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples. In the Go Workshop, we discuss God's heart for the lost, the role he wants his disciples to play in seeking the lost and ways to share the Gospel with others.  We will discuss what it means to live our lives on mission.