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At Revive, we believe that doing life with others who are following Jesus is an essential part of being a disciple.  Life is just richer when we are deeply connected with others. An RGroup is a community committed to loving God and loving others with all they’ve got (Great Commandment).
Getting involved in a small group offers several benefits.

  • A great way to meet new people.
  • Deepen or explore your walk with Christ.
  • Celebrate life’s joys with others.
  • Encourage each other to grow spiritually, personally and professionally.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the connection between God’s Word and our everyday life.
  • Support and compassion when life gets difficult or tragedy hits.
  • An opportunity to share the love of Christ together as you meet needs where you find them.

As you come to an RGroup, expect God to show up. We believe that Jesus is in our midst as we gather to share life with one another.  You will be encouraged and strengthened by people who are striving to grow in their relationship with Jesus and follow Him with all of their lives.